Facilitating Innovation Processes

Facilitating employee-driven innovation processes


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BEDENK designs and facilitates employee-driven innovation processes. From brainstorms to design sprints to innovation bootcamps.

Together with you, we define the right question and put together the team. Then we make a plan of approach, write out the processes and lead the workshops in the right direction.

With our approach, we get the best out of the employees and managers and focus tightly on the result

Brainstorm Facilitation

A brainstorm is a structured group process that ensures that you come up with the best possible ideas in the shortest possible time. It is a particularly powerful tool when you know how to use it correctly.


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Design sprint

A design sprint is a short and powerful innovation process of 6 to 8 workshop days. Ideal for teams wanting to begin employee-driven innovation.


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Innovation Strategy

If you want to remain agile, you will need to regularly reflect on strategy. Doing this with your team will ensure greater engagement and buy-in.


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