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Measuring is Knowing: The Starting Point for Innovation Culture

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Before addressing innovation culture, it is essential to gain a thorough understanding of the current situation. What is going well and where are areas for improvement? Our unique Innometrikz® assessment, based on the scientifically founded Cromax® framework, provides the solution.

When we want to map the innovation culture, we do this in 3 steps:
- Quantitative research using our digital Innometrikz® assessment
- Qualitative research by talking to your employees
- Based on this we make an analysis and develop a roadmap for change

Step 1: Quantitative Research

Through an online questionnaire, we gauge all employees' perceptions of the innovation culture within the organization. This Innometrikz® questionnaire is based on the Cromax® model and includes 36 items. It takes about 9 minutes to complete. This gives us a first picture of the current situation: what is going well, what is average and where is urgent attention needed?

Step 2: Qualitative Research

Quantitative research gives us indicators of possible problems, but does not yet tell us anything about the “why. To find out the causes, qualitative research is necessary. We conduct interviews with a representative sample of the organization, aiming for 5% to 10% of all employees. These interviews, targeting all levels and departments, provide in-depth insights and take an average of 1 hour per person.

Step 3: Analysis and roadmap

Based on the insights gained from the quantitative and qualitative research, we analyze the situation as is: where are we now? What are we doing well? What are we still running into? And what has priority to be addressed?

Based on that analysis, we create a proposed roadmap. Which interventions? When? And in what order?

This analysis and roadmap are presented to the decision makers. Together we look at what is necessary, desirable and feasible according to the objectives and the capacity of the organization. This way we land with a supported plan that everyone feels comfortable with.

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