Develop your innovation culture

Innovation starts with the right culture. But how do you know how strong it is within your organization? And how can you then develop it further?



Is your organization an innovation novice and want to take the first steps? Or do you actually already have a strong innovation culture, but want to connect the dots to stay ahead of the competition?

Discover how we can help you analyze your current maturity level, create a roadmap for change and guide the change process towards a truly innovative culture.

This way, your employees become the innovation engine of the organization!

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The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.

Innovation explosion



Since the beginning of the innovation explosion, changes in society and business have been following each other in rapid succession. To remain relevant, organizations must be able to respond quickly to these new circumstances.

Unfortunately, most organizations are not yet prepared for this and struggle with this acceleration of innovation. Medium and large organizations in particular have to deal with rigidity and must constantly fight to avoid getting bogged down in unwieldy structures and processes.

This means that they will have to focus on agility. Companies that excel in this invariably turn out to involve their employees in innovation. When you get your employees on board, innovation and change suddenly become a lot easier.


Structure your innovation culture


Suppose, as a manager, you want to work on innovation culture. But how do you get started on that? How do you know where you are now and which knobs to turn to get the desired result...? For most managers, this is not (yet) ready knowledge. As a result, they sometimes start initiatives with the best intentions that then do not have the effect they had in mind. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple and clear model that you could use to measure, improve and manage the innovation culture in your organization? What if that way we could encourage a steady stream of quality, innovative ideas? What if we could mobilize your own people to do this?

Discover our Cromax® innovation framework, which is the foundation on which our approach is built.

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The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas. His job is to create a culture where everyone can contribute ideas and feel they are valued for it.

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The CROMAX® innovation framework


CROMAX®, also known as the Creative Organization Matrix, is the first fully scientifically based model that maps innovation culture within organizations.

We developed the Cromax® model in collaboration with researchers from the University of Ghent, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels and Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerp.

It contains more than 90 scientifically based parameters that allow us to accurately examine, improve and manage the culture within your organization.

The model focuses mainly on the 'front end' of innovation. That zone in the beginning of the innovation process where the ideas originate. In classical innovation models, this is treated somewhat shabbily, while it is actually crucial for innovation success.

As a result, this very phase often felt very vague and fuzzy. We wanted to change that.

The Cromax® innovation framework © 2024 Bedenk BV. All rights reserved

Innovation culture mapped

The CROMAX® model consists of 2 axes:

- The vertical axis contains the 3 different layers within the organization: individual, team and leadership.

- The horizontal axis describes the 4 different process phases: orientation, idea creation, idea promotion and realization.

Together, these 12 building blocks form a simple and understandable model, which, thanks to the underlying 60 parameters, is incredibly powerful at the same time.

Want to do the quick test yourself? Then read each of the 12 titles and ask yourself how your organization scores.

Would you like to get a clear and independent picture of where your organization's innovation culture stands? With the Cromax® assessment you get a detailed overview of the different elements that have an impact on your innovation culture and how you score on them.

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Working on innovation culture

An organizational culture is a complex set of habits, values, processes, etc.

You don't change a culture in 1 jerk, it takes a consistent effort. You do this by making long enough interventions that have an impact on the short-term climate. If you keep this up long enough, it gradually seeps into the culture.

On average, it is calculated that it takes about 2 years to change a culture and anchor it as well.

To approach this process in an evidence-based and structured way, we use the following phases:

Visual overview of an innovation culture project

First we determine the situation as is with a thorough assessment. We do this both quantitatively with an online survey and qualitatively by talking to your employees. So we get a clear picture of the situation in your organization.

Based on these insights, we draw up a detailed roadmap. We present it to the competent decision makers. Together we look at what is possible within the capacity of the organization. We only get started if we receive full support from management.

This roadmap for change is then rolled out. This can be done through training, guidance or advice. If necessary, you can also implement elements yourself, or specialized third parties are involved. In that case, we retain control of the entire process.

If necessary, an after-measurement can follow to see if we have achieved the goals.

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