make your employees 

the engine of innovation

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Innovation leads to better financial results (+30 to 40%), but only if there is a strong innovation culture.

Employee-driven innovation

Employee-driven innovation has the added value that:

  • you mobilize the collective intelligence of your team to arrive at better solutions that fit the organization's dna
  • substantially increase employee engagement and intrapreneurship
  • increases support for change and thus the likelihood of a successful roll-out of innovation

You deploy employee-driven innovation best when:

  • It is strategically important to develop expertise internally.
  • A lot of knowledge is already present internally or you are willing to build it up.
  • Internal support is important for the success of the project.


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"People have grown together and now understand what it means to think innovatively." -

Brecht Vandenborre - Commercial Director

"For me, it's natural to change with your people. I'm not stupid, but without the even smarter people around me we don't get ahead." -

Geert Vanoverschelde - CEO
Sylvester productions

I learned that you can embed innovation in your organization. That's good, because it allows every employee to innovate along with you." -

An Van Den Eynde - CEO
Komma Board

"Someone said, 'I think this is the best thing you've ever done for the company.'" -

Ludovic Billiet - CEO

"Actually, a course like this is also very instructive for management, not just for the employees" -

Bernard De Potter - Administrator-General
Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen