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Teams drive innovation. That's where the ideas for innovation are born: where people with expertise share their knowledge and work together to find the best possible solution. But that doesn't happen naturally. To do that, they need a structured process that takes them each time from question to innovative 

Brainstorming is a powerful technique that, if done correctly, can generate a stream of new ideas. This technique is indispensable in the toolbox of any team striving for greater innovation and creative solutions.

Our brainstorming training is specifically designed to teach teams within companies the intricacies of effective brainstorming.

What is brainstorming?

A professional brainstorm is a performative, structured process in which team members share their knowledge with each other and thoroughly analyze the problem. Then as many out-of-the-box ideas as possible are conceived. From these, the most promising ones are chosen and further developed into a solid concept. 

The power of brainstorming lies in deferring judgment: all ideas, no matter how wild or impractical they may seem, are welcome. This technique stimulates creative thinking and helps to think outside the box.

Why brainstorming training?

Brainstorming is already used in many organizations, but often not in the most effective way. Our training helps teams to:

Understanding Rules and Structures: We teach you the basic rules of brainstorming, such as deferring judgment and building on others' ideas.

Using Creative Thinking Techniques: You'll learn techniques to boost your creativity, such as associative thinking and trendstorming.

Creating an Inclusive Environment: All team members should feel free to express their thoughts. Our training creates a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is heard.

Concretizing Ideas: It is also important to move from loose ideas to concrete actions. We help you prioritize and develop the best ideas into solid concepts.

For whom?

Our brainstorming training is designed for all types of teams within a company, from management teams to operational teams. It is particularly valuable for teams about to start projects, move in new directions or want to solve problems creatively.

Practical Methodology

At the core of our effective brainstorming training is a hands-on methodology that focuses on hands-on learning and practical application. Instead of just discussing theoretical concepts, participants are actively involved in brainstorming exercises, idea sessions and practical simulations. This hands-on approach not only reinforces learning, but also enables participants to apply their newly acquired skills and techniques in their daily work.

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