Masterclass innovation culture

How can you manage a culture of innovation?

The foundation of a strong culture of innovation begins with management. Without their involvement and support, building a culture of innovation is impossible. Therefore, it is essential to get them on board and convince them of the importance of employee-driven innovation within the organization and their role in it.

For many managers, leading a healthy culture of innovation is new territory. In this master class, your organization's management will get the tools and insights they need to provide effective leadership and foster innovation.

What does the Innovation Culture Masterclass include?

During this master class, the following questions will be answered: 

What is my role as a manager within innovation culture?
How do I stimulate more creativity and innovation in my team? 
What are the pitfalls for me as a manager?
How do I stimulate more initiative and intrapreneurship?
What are the knobs I can turn as a manager to improve the culture? 
And how do I make sure that this effect becomes sustainable?

Course of the Master Class

The track begins with a brief introduction to the Cromax® framework, followed by a self-assessment by participants on the current state of innovation culture within the organization. Based on the results of this assessment, insight is offered into the organization's strengths and weaknesses in terms of innovation culture.

One can further deepen this exercise by having our Innometrikz® assessment completed beforehand. This allows the management team to work with the situation as it really is.

Afterwards, the results are discussed and possible areas for improvement and actions are identified. The participants then translate these insights into an inspiring vision on innovation and draw up a concrete roadmap for change.


For whom?

This master class is suitable for boards of directors looking to drive innovation, executive teams looking to strategically develop the culture of innovation, management teams looking to drive more innovation, and strategy or innovation teams looking to increase their impact.


What do you get out of it?

After the master class, participants will have a clear picture of the current innovation culture within their organization, a methodical framework with possible interventions and a clear vision of innovation with a customized step-by-step plan they can get started with the next day.

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