In changing times, it is even more important to have a clear target in mind. When the sea is turbulent, it is normal to adapt your course. As long as the destination is clear, you will always find your way back. That is why we strongly advise our customers to develop a strong mission, vision and strategy before they start with any change- or innovation process.

In the last years, a lot of time is being spent on the development of such a mission, vision and strategy. But the embedding often goes wrong. Although with a structured waterfall methodology it is possible to involve every department and team. And when a team is able to formulate its contribution to the targets of the organisation by itself, how to create added value and what it has to do to achieve that, you obtain that strong anchoring.


During our two-day MVS session, we intensively work with the core team on three questions:

  • Mission: Why do we exist? What is our DNA?
  • Vision: Where do we want to head for? What are our ambitions?
  • Strategy: How do we achieve our vision? Which strategic goals do we have to achieve for that?

Optionally, this is complemented with a third day in which we further elaborate the strategy in scenarios and translate this to a complete action plan. If you know that your effectiveness grows with 20% through this exercise, then an investment of two or even three days has a fast payback.

sdworx mission vision strategy workshop

For two days, our experienced facilitator will take the team to a location away from the work environment. That way, people can fully focus on the task at hand. By using our scientifically substantiated methodology, our facilitator leads the team step by step through the interactive team process. Every participator actively engages in the discussions. Then we systematically work towards a shared end result.


At the end of the ride, you will have a clear, short mission statement shared by the whole team. In addition you will have an ambitious description of the vision. This is more extensive and can consist of several alineas. Finally, concrete and quantified targets are set.

Apart from this concrete outcome, the MVS-process ensures that everybody is moving in the same direction. The fact that the team as a whole has been working on this and has been taking decisions together creates additional insights, togetherness and energy. In case of self-steering teams, they will be more able to refine their plans whenever the circumstances require that because they have a clear picture of the overall goals.




mission vision strategy toolkit


To support you in developing and anchoring a mission, vision and strategy together with your employees, we have developed our own, evidence-based process and toolkit from Bedenk.

Discover our easy-to-use toolkit



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Client case: Exitas involves its employees in strategy development

The IT-sector is the spearhead in digital transformation and subject to high paced changes. For any company that wishes to keep up with tomorrow’s reality, employee engagement is key. Discover how Exitas does that



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