WZC Immaculata

  • In advance

    Before you can start innovating, you have to know clearly which direction you want to follow as an organisation. That is why we formulated a powerful and clear future vision with the management in advance. That way, the innovation team knew perfectly from the start what was expected from them.

  • From 0 to 1400 and back to 8

    During the divergent phase, all possible (and impossible) paths were followed. This lead to 1400 ideas for innovation (which is a record that still stands today). In the convergent phase, this number was reduced to 8 solid, trailblazing business concepts for new services.

  • Start

    The intern innovation team was composed of volunteers from all sections in the organisation: nurses, physical therapists, staff, etc. Not being used to innovate in their day to day job, these people were firstly introduced to the world of creative thinking.


  • And action!

    Lastly, the 8 projects were presented to the management. They decided to retain 5 out of the 8 projects and to submit them to an OCMW-counsil. This council retained 3 proposals that were being prapared for implementation. This way, they shifted the gears concerning the innovation in the Belgian care of the elderly in the most positive way. A great succes!


A participant testifies:

"The facilitator ensured a strong, professional guidance. He knew how to pass his confidence in a successful result of the project, on to the group.”


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