Training Facilitation of Creative Processes

Who is the facilitator?

Research shows that a workshop with specialised (external) facilitators is more effective and delivers better ideas. But of course, it is not possible to hire a facilitator each and every time you have a question. So most often, you as a leader, have to do the facilitation yourself. But can you do that? And how for example do you make sure that you ask the right question, get the group in motion and can end up with the desired result?

Expert in support

A facilitator does not come up with ideas himself during a creative process. It is his responsibility to make sure that the participants themselves, with their own expertise, come up with the ideas. That is less obvious then it might seem. Because each question, each issue is different and therefore requires a different approach.


During this training we teach you how to prepare yourself in the best possible way for a facilitation session: What is the exact question? How many ideas do they want? For what do these ideas have to be an answer? How detailed do they have to be?

After that, you will learn how to design a customised process and use it in real life. For that you need to stay alert and wherever necessary need to steer and adjust: do we have sufficient ideas? Are they the right answer to the question? Are they sufficiently innovative? What about the group dynamics? Is no one having too big an influence? How can I ensure that everybody gets his or her say?...

Level of knowledge

Before you can start with this training, you need to have at least participated in the ‘Creaboost’ and ‘Effective brainstorming’ training so your basic knowledge is sufficient to make this training worthwhile. You can combine these three workshops in a 5-day facilitation.

Who is this training for?
  • Every leader that regularly organises brainstorms and wants to get more out of that.
  • Internal facilitator teams.
  • “Als ik onze concurrent was, ik zou schrik beginnen krijgen!”
  • “Bedenk slaagt er in ogenschijnlijk saaie processen fun te maken zonder daarbij de outcome uit het oog te verliezen.”

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