Structure your innovation culture

Innovation explosion

Since the innovation explosion, we nowadays experience a constant flow of changes in our society and organizations.  To stay relevant, your organization must be able to quickly and smoothly adapt to new circumstances.

Unfortunately, most organizations do not yet have the agility to navigate through these rapid waters of innovation.  Especially middle and large companies struggle to keep their rigid processes and massive structures floating, trying not to get stuck somewhere along the way.

Fuzzy front end

Current models of innovation are mainly based on the so-called innovation funnel and implementation. But how do you start? How do you fill that funnel with good innovative ideas in the first place?

Very few know how. Hence the name: ‘fuzzy’ front end of innovation. To most managers it’s pretty much a black box. Difficult to grasp, control, let alone manage


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a simple and crystal clear model to organize, measure and improve the front end of innovation in your organization?  What if we could provide an organic and constant flow of high quality, innovative ideas, conceived by your very own team?

Cromax framework front end innovaton Eng


CROMAX, short for creative organization matrix, is the first fully evidence-based framework that maps corporate culture into the front end of change and innovation.

We developed the Cromax model in collaboration with researchers from the University of Ghent. It contains more than 60 scientifically substantiated parameters that enable us to accurately assess, improve and manage the innovation culture within your organization.

The model

The model consists of 2 axes:

The vertical axis contains the different layers within the organization: Individual, Team and Organization / Leadership.

The horizontal axis describes the different process phases: Orientation, Idea creation and Idea Promotion

As a whole this adds up to a simple workable model of only 9 building blocks, which is nevertheless incredibly effective, thanks to 60 parameters it is based on. 

In the image below, we have summarized each block into some keywords. Even in this simplified form, it gives you an idea of the various aspects that are being addressed in the model.

Cromax building blocks Eng

Test yourself

Read each of the 9 blocks and reflect on how high your organization scores on every one of them.

Everything perfect? Congratulations, you probably won’t need our expertise. Still some doubts? Or even less than 6 out of 9?  Let us help you then! 

Cromax in practice

Cromax isn’t just a theoretical model, in practice it provides a solid back bone to all our endeavors

All transformational processes we facilitate are designed upon CROMAX insights.

Furthermore, we offer various training sets that enable you and your employees to develop the necessary insights and skills to put CROMAX into practice.

And last but not least, we continuously work on a practical toolkit that helps change makers to get the most out of the human capital of their organization. 



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