future proof leiderschap

Are you future-proof leader?

7 tips to stimulate more creativity and innovation among your people 

Lego serious play workshop

7 reasons to try LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Playing with LEGO® at work? Seriously? Your colleagues will at least look surprised when you through your kids' Lego® bricks on the meeting table to answer the question you want to tackle. And yet that’s exactly your intention!

Je hele team als één blok achter de missie, visie en strategie

How to get your team to support the mission, vision and strategy

Only when a team can clearly formulate its contribution to the objectives of the organization, will the change you want to realize be successful.

Nieuws square

'The news' can damage your innovation power

Why we love bad news and how this reduces our will to innovate

The ‘Eureka!’-Myth

The ‘Eureka!’-myth

Sense and nonsense about spontanious idea generation

Is your innovation mix in balance?

Is your innovation mix in balance?

Companies want to innovate and change to survive and grow their business in the future. There are different ways to innovate and change. Finding the right balance, is key.

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