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Because the best ideas come from within

Sure, every successful change and innovation project starts with creativity. But where do creativity itself come from? Straight from within your own organization, doesn’t it? Right, and that’s exactly the challenge: how can you make sure that useful ideas and solutions will emerge in a continuous flow? A Think Tank might be your best chance!

The fact that the best ideas come from within your organization, should be of no surprise. Your people not only have the professional knowledge and competence to do their jobs, most of them also know your organization thoroughly from inside out. So, no external consultant can come up with better ideas and solutions for small and bigger challenges than they do. Moreover, ideas that have been devised by your internal staff, have the most chance to succeed. That’s because they’re also supported by the entire organization. Reasons enough to make best use of your human capital?



What’s that exactly, a Think Tank?

A Think Tank is an internal team of motivated employees that meets on a regular base. The team members come from different divisions within your organization, have various interests and competences and often also different ‘thinking styles’. 

The Think Tank comes up with original and feasible ideas to challenges that have been defined by management. They operate within a clear framework, and each challenge they work on comes with a list of sharp goals and conditions.





Think tank presentation

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Discover the necessary steps in our short Think Tank presentation



Brunel think tank

Read Brunel case

If you are already convinced or need arguments to convince others then please discover the Brunel case, an excellent example of how a Think Tank can influence a company’s future and increase employer engagement. Read more



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