Facilitating your Innovation Processes


BEDENK designs and facilitates change processes. From strategy and innovation to continuous improvement. Together with the client we define the question, compose the pop-up team, develop the action plan, map processes en keep the creative sessions on the right track.

Business creativity can be used for a variety of challenges. Consider defining a mission, vision and strategy, developing new products or services, the (re) structuring of processes, designing new business models, consulting with stakeholder groups, guiding a co-creation platform, etc. With our approach, we get the most out of the employees and managers and focus tightly on the result.


brainstorm facilitation


A brainstorm is a structured process that ensures that you, in the shortest possible time, come up with the best possible ideas. It is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it. Read more


innovation bootcamp

Innovation Bootcamp

The time that a company could develop a product and service and then sit back, is over. To give organisations the chance to take the future into their own hands, we help with structured innovation processes that generate as many new ideas as possible within the shortest possible timeframe. Read more...


Think tank development

Creation of a Think Tank

The best ideas come from within. And that's exactly why your organization should create a Think Tank. Looking for a continuous flow of valuable ideas? Read here how it works...


mission vision strategy

MVS (mission-vision-strategy)

What is the DNA of our organisation? Where do we want to head for? What are our ambitions? And how do we achieve that? Essential questions that are the fundament of successful innovations. Read More



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