Embedding creativity in your organisation


BEDENK helps to create a climate that fully anchors creativity in your organisation. How to innovate and renew in a sustainable way? How to keep those positive dynamics alive? How to embed this positive dynamic in your organisation? In short, how to ensure that you generate fresh ideas on a daily base? And first of all, how to ensure that they do what you want them to do?

Using a focused assessment, BEDENK maps your organisation. VWith the use of scientific parameters, we screen individual employees, teams but also the organisation as a whole and bring the creative potential to the surface. Based on the outcome we advise you which steps to take to implement and embed creativity in your organisation. Bottom-up and top-down.

This leads to a comprehensive action plan with realistic milestones. BEDENK helps to explain and defend this plan in the organisation. Afterwards BEDENK will participate in the roll out in close cooperation with the client.


 The installation of a creative climate is done at 3 levels:

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    By developing your individual creative potential, you learn to think ‘out of the box’ easily and by that, speed up the development of new ideas and solutions. It requires some insights and training, but once you have mastered the basic skills, creative thinking will become an attitude that you will carry with you for the rest of your life


    An efficient team is more than the sum of the respective members. It is important that each team member is deployed in a creative process in line with his individual competencies. That way, creative innovation teams are composed of complementary talents that can build on each other. One plus one is three.


    The embedding of creative thinking in the organisation is not a top-down story. It is a process that has to be constructed both from the bottom and from the top. From intern to CEO, everyone in the organisation has to see the importance of creativity and embrace it. That way creativity can grow in an organic way and become part of the DNA.


  • Assessment and roadmap

    With the use of a focused assessment for these three levels we map the business creativity in your organisation and advise which steps to take. Measuring is knowing. And although your creativity cannot be measured in absolute terms, there are scientifically substantiated parameters that can give you the necessary insights. The assessment is therefore fully based on scientific research.

    BEDENK advises which opportunities there are for your organisation and which steps are to be taken to implement creativity. A clear roadmap and tailored implementation plan are a standard deliverable in this approach. 

  • Implementation and follow up

    Additional steps to realise the desired climate, we support and coach from within the organisation and we take care that the creative climate is truly embedded. We do this by working on the organisational structure as well as the processes, by developing creative competencies of your employees, by coaching teams en leaders throughout these changes and by implementing the methodologies of continuous improvement that allows you to be better each and every time.

    Follow up and adjusting is of course part of this process and within the teams and the organisation responsibilities are assigned. This way business creativity will become an attitude in the daily operation of the organisation.


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