Training Creative Leadership

Managing creativity

If an organisation wants to be more creative, it is necessary to invest in the individual creativity of its employees, the creative climate and of course in the leaders who need to manage that creativity. How do you actually arrange for that atmosphere in which your team can boost its creativity? And how do you prevent that the ideas are going in all directions except the correct one? And how to use the ideas that are popping up?

The leader's role

The way that leaders take up that role in their organisation is essential for the success of this project. Particularly for middle management since they have a very operational focus which makes it difficult to create space for such an intangible thing as creativity. There are always more urgent and important things to take care of. Awareness of the need of creativity is the first step to success. Next to that, it is important to realise that it is not the leader who has to come up with those brilliant ideas. It is his or her job to create the right circumstances and atmosphere in which the employees are encouraged and stimulated to be creative. Freedom to fail is

In practice

You get to learn the basic principles on creativity and will have insight in the creative process. Next to that, you will get to work on three short creative processes yourself. And then you will learn how to handle these new ideas: How to receive them in a proper way, evaluate them with an open mind and how to give constructive feedback. Finally you will discover the importance of different leadership styles that go with the different phases.


At the end of the training, you will know how to positively influence the creative climate in your team. You are also able to facilitate compact sessions yourself and have a more constructive way of handling the outcome to make sure that good ideas are actually implemented.

Who is this training for?
  • Managers and team leaders that want to boost creativity in their department or team and have more and better ideas


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