Brainstorm Facilitation


Are you looking for new and fresh ideas? Do you want to solve an issue that has been dragging along for a while? Are you looking for a way to find common opportunities together with your team and stakeholders and use them in the best way possible? Then a professional brainstorm is exactly what you need.


A brainstorm is a structured process that ensures that you, in the shortest possible time, come up with the best possible ideas. It is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Most people think that creativity, and also a brainstorm, does not tolerate any rules or structure. With this starting point, they often end up with chaotic sessions that leave them empty-handed. And of course creativity requires space but without a structure and clear guidance, that freedom leads nowhere.

That is why we deliberately choose sessions lead by professionals in which we consistently search for the balance between freedom and structure, between serious and play, between discovering and result. We do this by first getting our ideas out of the box as much as possible and only then make them fit into this box again. Because creativity is: the ability to come up with unique ideas that are at the same time feasible. We aim for a 100% result with which you can work.


Under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, we start working with your group or team. Such sessions normally take anywhere between half a day to up to two days, depending on the required result.

Each and everyone of our facilitators is a specialist in guiding creative processes. They know like no other how to get the best out of a team, bend resistance to positive energy and ensure that at the finish, you have achieved what you wanted. And working with a facilitator also has the advantage that you, as a manager, do not have to bother about the process and can fully participate.

Every brainstorm is unique and requires a customised approach. For that reason, we always start with an extensive intake so we exactly know what the purpose is. We use that information to come up with a customised plan.

Our brainstorms follow a certain structure, i.e. the creative process. This process consists of four phases:

  1. The question: is it the correct one? Has everyone sufficient information?...

  2. The divergence: come up with as many ideas as possible (as the law of Osborn states: ‘quantity breeds quality’)

  3. The convergence: select the best ideas and transform them into concepts

  4. The activation: What has to happen to make sure that your concept is actually implemented?


At the end of the ride, you have one or more great ideas. For a group of appr. 12 participants, you can count on a longlist ranging from dozens up to hundreds of ideas. Next to that, per group you can expect about four detailed concepts. This can range from one A-4, a pitch to even a first project draft, depending on the question and the available time.

But the most important result of such a session is without doubt the involvement of the participants. The fact that they have been able to think along and be part of the solution, will generate extra motivation to defend these ideas among their colleagues and actually implement them.
In the end you will not only have better solutions at hand, but you will have buy in at the same time. And everyone who has been involved in a change process knows that that is of unaffordable value.


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